Kinross Junior Classic: Wins for Teams Bryce and Murray

Teams Bryce and Murray claimed the men’s and women’s titles at the Kinross Junior Classic on Sunday, both going unbeaten through the competition.

The event was the second Asham Under-21 Slam of the season, giving Scotland’s young curlers the opportunity to further develop, while competing for points towards the overall Slam leaderboard and £1,000 in prize money.

There were 13 men’s teams (in three groups) and nine women’s teams (in two groups) involved, playing either three or four matches with the aim of qualifying for the semi finals.

In Group A of the men’s competition, Team Brydone (Robin Brydone, Callum Kinnear, Callum Greenwood, Craig Waddell) came out on top, beating Team Carson 11-4, Barr 5-3, Joiner 5-3 and Clark 5-4.

Group B was won by Team Whyte (Ross Whyte, James Baird, Gavin Barr, Euan Kyle, David Baird), who triumphed against Team Lockhart 7-3, McLean 11-3 and Tweedle 13-2.

And Group C saw Team Bryce (Cameron Bryce, Zack Stewart, Fraser Kingan, Frazer Shaw) come out on top, with wins over Team McNay 8-4, Cormack 11-5 and Johnston 8-2.

The fourth team into the semi finals were Team McLean (Callum McLean, James Hay, Drew Thomson, George Sinclair), their place decided by last stone draw.

As for the women, Group A was won by Team Jackson (Sophie Jackson, Naomi Brown, Rachael Halliday, Rachel Hannen), who defeated Team Aitken 11-2, Young 6-3 and Farmer 7-3.

Going through in second were Team Aitken (Karina Aitken, Amy MacDonald, Sophie Sinclair, Laura Barr), thanks to a 7-7 tie with Team Young and wins over Farmer 10-2 and Brett 18-0.

Women’s Group B was topped by Team Murray (Katie Murray, Rebecca Morrison, Hailey Duff, Mili Smith) after wins over Team Bryce 7-4, Davies 9-5 and Hamilton 13-3.

They were joined by Team Davie (Lisa Davie, Kirsty Barr, Emma Barr, Annabel Skuse), who beat Team Hamilton 11-2 and Bryce 8-7.

In the men’s semi finals, Team Bryce edged Team Brydone 3-2, stealing in end eight for the win, and Team Whyte beat Team McLean 8-4 thanks to a three in end six and a steal of two in end seven.

As for the women, Team Murray recovered from going 4-1 down to Team Aitken, stealing singles in ends five, six and seven for a 5-4 victory.

They were joined in the final by Team Davie, who scored four in end five to beat Team Jackson 8-5.

Team Bryce took the men’s final to an extra end with a two in end eight, then stealing one for a 4-3 win over Team Whyte.

The women’s final was a more comfortable affair for Team Murray, who scored three in end two and stole singles in ends five and eight for an 8-2 triumph against Team Davie.

In the 3v4 games, Team McLean beat Team Brydone 5-4 after an extra end, and Team Jackson won 8-4 against Team Aitken.

For photos from the event, see Brydone images’ Facebook album here.

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