Team Bryce spotlight

Team Bryce (L-R): Cameron Bryce, Zack Stewart, Fraser Kingan, Frazer Shaw
Team Bryce (L-R): Cameron Bryce, Zack Stewart, Fraser Kingan, Frazer Shaw – Jayne Stirling Photography (

Team Bryce are an academy men’s team looking to provide a bright future for Scottish and British curling, currently competing in the Scottish Curling Tour and junior events.

Who are the team members, and what are their objectives for this season and beyond? Read on to find out…

Q: Could you introduce the members of the team – how long they’ve been curling and what they bring to the team dynamic?
A: Frazer Shaw (lead): I have now been curling for seven years – I started in my last year of primary school. I am an outgoing and competitive person. I really enjoy curling with my team because we have such a good friendship, built over the past couple of seasons. I feel that I bring an element of fun to the team when appropriate, as well as the desire and energy to win.
Fraser Kingan (second): I have been curling for nine years. I am a very motivated and competitive person and always put my all into every game I play. This benefits the team as it helps us to all get fired up for each game which makes us all play better.
Zack Stewart (third): I have also been curling for nine years since starting at Dumfries at the end of primary school. I am the most reserved member of our team – this allows me to keep a level head during our games and try to keep my team-mates’ heads in the right place when we are on ice. I am also highly motivated and I really enjoy pushing myself in training and games.
Cameron Bryce (skip): I started curling at the age of 10, also at primary school. This is my 10th season. On the ice I am quite laid-back when in play. I don’t get stressed or flustered when we are under pressure in a game. With Zack and myself being calm, it benefits our team in big games. I am highly motivated and I train at every possibility, to get the best out of myself.

Cameron Bryce at the Kinross Junior Classic
Cameron Bryce at the Kinross Junior Classic – Brydone Images (

Q: Cameron, you skipped the Scottish team at the World Mixed Curling Championship last month – how would you sum up that experience?
A: In my first experience on the world stage, I found my time very enjoyable. It was a great stepping stone for the season ahead and beyond.
It definitely helps for coping with some pressure situations and makes me hungry to be back at a world championship event in the near future.

Q: This is your third season together – how does that familiarity help you out on the ice?
A: It gives us a real consistency both on and off the ice. We know when we need the support and can work really well together when this occurs.
We all know each other’s strengths and we can really use that to our advantage when at competitions.
The attributes we all bring to the ice are really positive. Going into the start of this season we are all putting that extra effort in, both physically and mentally.

Q: You have a new coach – Keith Prentice. What does he offer you as a team?
A: First of all, Keith has a lot of great experience in curling – from coaching high performance teams over the past few years, to competing for Scotland in the World Senior Championship, and winning.
Keith has been in many situations we aspire to be in, going into major championships, and we feel he is the right person to help us achieve our goals.
We hope this combination can work really well to build a similar sort of consistency in our game.

Q: How happy were you with your 2014-15 season overall?
A: We felt the 2014-15 season went really well. We achieved some great results throughout the season, our highlight being the Scottish Men’s Championship.
However, we didn’t play our best in the junior finals – so if we had to say the result we were most disappointed in, it would have to be that.

Q: Looking ahead, what are your ambitions for the 2015-16 season?
A: Our main ambition for the season is to win the Scottish Junior Championships.
But this is just a stepping-stone for our team ambitions – to compete and medal in the World Junior Championships.

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