Inverness Junior International: Teams Brydone and Murray victorious

The latest Asham Under-21 Slam took place in Inverness last weekend, with Teams Brydone and Murray winning the men’s and women’s competitions respectively.

The men’s tournament saw nine teams in two pools competing for four semi-final spots.

Group A was topped by Team Whyte (Ross Whyte, James Baird, David Baird, Gavin Barr, Euan Kyle), who won their games against Teams Barr 9-6, Johnston 10-3, McLean 7-3 and Clark 14-3.

Whyte were joined in the last four by Barr (Kerr Sands, Thomas Halder, Grant Barr, Duncan McFadzean), thanks to their wins over McLean 9-7, Clark 8-6 and Johnston 7-5.

Leading the way in the B section were Team Brydone (Robin Brydone, Callum Kinnear, Calum Greenwood, Craig Waddell), who defeated Teams MacLeod 14-3, Carson 7-4 and Joiner 6-2.

Also making it through from that group were Joiner (Craig Joiner, Euan MacDairmid, Robin McCall, Craig Paterson), who saw off Carson 9-5 and MacLeod 13-3.

Come the last four, Brydone won 6-2 against Barr, with a three in end four and steals in ends five and six, while Whyte scored one in the extra end to defeat Joiner 8-7.

The final also finished 8-7, as Brydone came from 4-1 down after four to steal two in end nine – and Whyte could only score one in end 10, so the title went to Brydone.

The men’s 3/4 game was won 10-6 by Joiner.

As for the women’s competition, there were five teams in the pool aiming for the four semi-final spots.

Team Aitken (Amy MacDonald, Sophie Sinclair, Molly Keen, Laura Barr) went undefeated through the group stage, winning against Teams Bryce 10-4, Young 13-4, Brett 8-3 and Murray 7-4.

Also qualifying were Bryce (Amy Bryce, Lauren Morgan, Leeanne McKenzie, Becca Baird) with three wins, Murray (Katie Murray, Rebecca Morrison, Hailey Duff, Mili Smith) on two wins and Young (Lesley Young, Kathryn Spain, Jane Barr, Marran Nicol) on one.

In the semi finals Aitken took a 4-0 lead over Young and held out to win 8-4, while Murray stole one in end three and twos in ends four and five to defeat Bryce 7-2.

Murray claimed the final victory with a steal of four in end two launching them into a 6-0 lead that was impossible for Aitken to claw back, the game finishing 9-2 after seven ends.

The 3/4 match went to Bryce 11-5.

Two British teams competed at the International ZO Women’s Tournament in Wetzikon, Switzerland.

Team Aitken (Gina Aitken, Rowena Kerr, Laura Ritchie, Heather Morton) were in a pool with Teams Aurell (Sweden), Feltscher, Hegner (both Switzerland), Schöpp (Germany) and Skaslien (Norway).

They won 5-4 against Aurell but lost their other games, against Schöpp 5-4, Feltscher 8-1, Hegner 6-4 and Skaslien 10-3, so did not make the knock-out stages.

Also competing were Team Fowler (Anna Fowler, Hetty Garnier, Angharad Ward, Lauren Pearce) of England, who were in a tough group and were unable to pick up a win – losing to Teams Kubeskova (Czech Republic) 8-1, Mathis (Switzerland) 7-6, Barbezat (Switzerland) 5-3 and Demkina (Russia) 9-4.

The final was contested by Teams Feltscher and Sidorova, the Swiss side seeing off their Russian opponents 7-5.

Finally, the third Grand Slam of Curling event of the season, the National, came to its conclusion this week.

The men’s final was contested by Teams Carruthers and Gushue – Gushue getting the win 7-2.

In the women’s final Team Homan saw off Team Fleury 5-4 – surviving a nervous moment when Joanne Courtney moved a stone before a potential measure. Fleury could have claimed two points but only took one, and Homan scored two in end eight to win the game and the title.

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