The Roaring Game: this alternative name for the sport of curling comes from the ‘roar’ sound of a granite stone as it travels over ice.

My route into following curling is far from the traditional one. I did not grow up playing the sport, nor was I among the 5.7 million Brits who stayed up late to watch Rhona Martin win gold for Team GB in 2002.

No, I got hooked watching the men’s and women’s GBR curlers compete at the 2013 Winter University Games in Trentino.

The blog’s aim is a simple one: to provide coverage of curling, specifically Scottish teams and events in Scotland.

Given that we Scots invented or, at the very least, significantly developed the sport, it seems only right that there’s a Scottish-flavoured curling blog out there.

If there’s any curling news or competitions that I’ve missed – or there’s anything else you think this blog should be covering – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Email: theroaringgameblog@outlook.com
Facebook: facebook.com/RoaringGameBlog
Twitter: @RoaringGameBlog

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