CC: Curling Canada
EJCT: European Junior Curling Tour
GSCT: Goldline Scottish Curling Tour
GSOC: Grand Slam of Curling
RCCC: Royal Caledonian Curling Club
WCF: World Curling Federation
WCT: World Curling Tour

Aug 24-26: Curling Night in America (WCF)
Aug 25-30: Audi Quattro Winter Games (WCF)

Sep 1-3: Baden Masters (WCT)
Sep 1-3: Tallinn Challenger (WCT)
Sep 1-4: Canad Inns Mixed Doubles Championship (WCT)
Sep 1-4: Stu Sells Oakville Tankard (WCT)
Sep 5-10: Tour Challenge (GSOC)
Sep 7-10: Oberstdorf International Mixed Doubles Cup (WCT)
Sep 8-10: Oakville OCT Fall Classic (WCT)
Sep 14-17: AMJ Campbell Shorty Jenkins Classic (WCT)
Sep 14-17: HDF Insurance Shoot-Out (WCT)
Sep 15-17: Greenacres Junior Masters (Asham U21 Slam) (RCCC)
Sep 21-24: Tallinn Mixed Doubles International (WCT)
Sep 22-24: Braehead Open (GSCT)
Sep 22-24: Service Experts Mixed Doubles Classic (WCT)
Sep 22-25: Colonial Square Ladies Classic (WCT)
Sep 28-Oct 1: Swiss Cup Basel (WCT)
Sep 29-Oct 1: Avonair Cash Spiel (WCT)
Sep 29-Oct 1: Kinross Junior Classic (Asham U21 Slam) (RCCC)
Sep 29-Oct 1: Stockholm Ladies Cup (WCT)

Oct 6-8: Dumfries Open (GSCT)
Oct 6-8: Scottish Curling Mixed Senior Championship (RCCC)
Oct 6-8: Women’s Masters Basel (WCT)
Oct 6-9: Curlers Corner Autumn Gold Curling Classic (WCT)
Oct 6-14: World Mixed Curling Championship (WCF)
Oct 7: Intu Braehead (Asham U14 Slam) (RCCC)
Oct 11-15: Scottish Curling Mixed Doubles Championship (RCCC)
Oct 12-15: Paf Masters Tour (WCT)
Oct 13-15: Pacific Northwest Mixed Doubles Invitational (WCT)
Oct 13-16: Canad Inns Men’s Classic (WCT)
Oct 14-15: The Stevenson Trophy (Asham U17 Slam) (RCCC)
Oct 17-20: Stirling Wheelchair International (RCCC)
Oct 19-22: ARENA Challenge de Curling de Gatineau (WCT)
Oct 19-22: Austrian Mixed Doubles Cup (WCT)
Oct 19-22: Curling Masters Champery (WCT)
Oct 20-23: Canad Inns Women’s Classic (WCT)
Oct 24-29: Masters (GSOC)
Oct 26-29: Latvia International Challenger (WCT)
Oct 26-29: Mixed Doubles Cup Geising (WCT)
Oct 28-29: Lanarkshire (Asham U17 Slam) (RCCC)

Nov 2-9: Pacific-Asia Curling Championships (WCF)
Nov 3-5: Braehead Junior International (EJCT)
Nov 3-5: Forfar Curl Fest (GSCT)
Nov 3-6: Ashley Home Store Curling Classic (WCT)
Nov 4: Skill Awards Challenge (RCCC)
Nov 7-9: National Masters Curling Championship Qualifiers (RCCC)
Nov 9-12: International Mixed Doubles Sochi (WCT)
Nov 10-12: International ZO Women’s Tournament (WCT)
Nov 10-12: Inverness Junior International (Asham U21 Slam) (RCCC)
Nov 10-12: Scottish Province Championship (RCCC)
Nov 14-19: National (GSOC)
Nov 17-19: Mixed Doubles Bern (WCT)
Nov 17-20: DEKALB Superspiel (WCT)
Nov 17-20: Red Deer Curling Classic (WCT)
Nov 17-25: Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships (WCF)
Nov 18: Curl Aberdeen (Asham U14 Slam) (RCCC)
Nov 25-26: The Baljaffray Trophy (Asham U17 Slam) (RCCC)

Dec 1-3: Scottish Curling Junior Championships Qualifiers (RCCC)
Dec 5-10: Olympic Qualification Event (WCF)
Dec 9: Perth (Asham U14 Slam) (RCCC)
Dec 13-17: Karuizawa International (WCT)
Dec 14-17: Dumfries International (GSCT/WCT)
Dec 14-17: Mixed Doubles Curling Challenge (WCT)
Dec 15-17: Lockerbie Junior International (Asham U21 Slam) (RCCC)
Dec 28-29: Forfar (Asham U17 International) (RCCC)

Jan 3-10: World Junior-B Curling Championships (WCF)
Jan 4-7: Mercure Perth Masters (WCT)
Jan 5-7: Scottish Curling Senior Championship Qualifier (Forfar) (RCCC)
Jan 5-7: Scottish Curling Senior Championship Qualifier (Dumfries) (RCCC)
Jan 6-7: Scottish Curling Junior Club Challenge Division 1 & 2 (RCCC)
Jan 11-14: Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles (WCT)
Jan 11-14: Ed Werenich Golden Wrench Classic (WCT)
Jan 11-14: International Bernese Ladies Cup (WCT)
Jan 12-14: Scottish Curling Championship Qualifiers (RCCC)
Jan 13-14: Stu Sells Mixed Doubles Championship (WCT)
Jan 16-21: Canadian Open (GSOC)
Jan 18-21: National Masters Curling Championship (RCCC)
Jan 19-21: Four Nations
Jan 19-21: German Masters (WCT)
Jan 19-21: International Mixed Doubles Aarau (WCT)
Jan 19-22: Glynhill Ladies International (WCT)
Jan 20: Lockerbie (Asham U14 Slam) (RCCC)
Jan 24-28: Scottish Curling Junior Championships (RCCC)
Jan 26-28: Gefle Mixed Doubles Cup (WCT)

Feb 9-25: Olympic Winter Games (IOC/WCF)
Feb 10-17: Scottish Curling Championships (RCCC)
Feb 12-18: Tallinn Masters Mixed Doubles (WCT)
Feb 17-18: Scottish Junior Curling Club Challenge Division 3 (RCCC)
Feb 18: Ladies Unders & Overs (RCCC)
Feb 22-25: Scottish Curling Senior Championships (RCCC)
Feb 24-25: Perth (Asham U17 Slam) (RCCC)
Feb 26-Mar 1: Henderson Bishop Trophy (RCCC)

MARCH 2018
Mar 1-4: International Mixed Doubles Sochi (2) (WCT)
Mar 3-4: World Championship Playoff (RCCC)
Mar 3-11: World Junior Curling Championships (WCF)
Mar 9-18: Paralympic Winter Games (IOC/WCF)
Mar 13: The Maxwell Trophy (RCCC)
Mar 13: The Morton Trophy (RCCC)
Mar 15-18: Elite 10 (GSOC)
Mar 15-18: Westbay Hungarian Mixed Doubles Cup (WCT)
Mar 16-18: Aberdeen International Curling Championship (WCT)
Mar 16-18: Scottish Curling Pairs Championship (RCCC)
Mar 16-18: Scottish Schools Curling Championship (RCCC)
Mar 17-25: Ford World Women’s Curling Championship (WCF)
Mar 22-25: International Mixed Doubles Dumfries (WCT)
Mar 23-25: The Rink Championship (RCCC)
Mar 24: National Virtual Club Challenge (RCCC)
Mar 25: Newcomers Trophy (RCCC)
Mar 29-Apr 1: LODE Latvian Mixed Doubles Curling Club (WCT)
Mar 30-Apr 1: City of Perth Ladies International (WCT)
Mar 31-Apr 8: World Men’s Curling Championship (WCF)

APRIL 2018
Apr 6-8: Scottish Curling Junior Mixed Doubles Championship (RCCC)
Apr 10-15: Players’ Championship (GSOC)
Apr 14: RCCC Funspiel (RCCC)
Apr 21-28: World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship (WCF)
Apr 24-29: Champions Cup (GSOC)
Apr 27-29: British Open (GSCT)

MAY 2018
May 25-27: Scottish Curling Mixed Championship (RCCC)